New Customer Pump and Toolkit

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New Customer Pump and Toolkit

Track pump and tool station, free for customers to use

Our old customer pump had done 7 years of service and was sounding like an asthmatic seal so it was high time for a new one. Step in shiny new red Mr. Blackburn and his six friends the spanners, allen keys and screwdrivers.


So if you find yourself in town with a screw loose or a punctured tube and you'd like to fix it yourself, pop by and use the new pump and tools.


In fact for punctures we have three options:

  • If you want to just buy a puncture repair kit or inner tube you can do the work yourself for free using the customer pump, as above. (See our video tutorial and our basic maintenance info sheet for a few tips).

  • For around £10 to £15 we can teach you how to fix a puncture yourself, so you'll never have to pay again! (As with all our tuition, it's charged according to the time taken so you're free to ask as many questions as you want and take as long as you want).

  • Or to thoroughly check the tyre and wheel, remove any glass/thorns, fit a new tube, and refit the tyre and wheel we charge £15 including a good quality Schwalbe or Continental inner tube, and can normally be done while you wait.


posted on Friday 14 February 2014 by Jake Voelcker

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