Andy Bakewell

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Aberystwyth, Mid Wales

"When Jake and I started off discussing what I needed for my ideal bike, I wanted a high-quality but tatty usable bike, with all the best bits from Danish designs for everyday transport, and the gears and brakes from the mountain-bike world. Little did I expect that Jake would find me a second hand but unused frame with perfect geometry for me (long legs and chronic neck pain). Jake haggled the price down for me and began to build my perfect bike. After finding such a beautiful frame, it seemed churlish to have tatty mudguards and wheels, so Jake built me up some super strong twin-walled rim (Mavic) wheels with 36 stainless steel spokes (not the usual 32). To finish this off, he recommended kevlar banded, high pressure tyres and top of the range mudguards. Now I have the strongest/lightest wheels money can buy (it can't usually!). He also added mountain bike gear ratios, V-brakes, high riser bars with click shifters, a sturdy rear rack, LED lights and a Brooks saddle. What did all that lot cost? £450!! That is frankly ridiculous - you couldn't buy anything remotely similar in a shop - but if you could, there wouldn't be any change from £2000!"

"If you are wondering how this amazing machine rides...... well it can climb walls, stop like someone put a stick in the wheel, and it can cruise at 25mph on the flat like a pedigree racer, and if necessary, there's upwards of 35mph available down hills. This is my bike, and I love it!"

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