Recycling and Waste Management

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Recycling and Waste Management

Re-use is better than recycling

  • As many components as possible are repaired and re-used in preference to throwing them away

  • Many components which are damaged or worn beyond use can be re-used for other purposes. Even inner tubes, tyres, and many other components can be usefully employed in different guises. We often give scrap components and tyres to local artists, for example Lucy Greaves and Katcha Bilek

  • Undamaged bikes which we cannot economically recycle are donated to The Bristol Bike Project. Damaged bikes are dismantled and sent for recycling.

  • All scrap aluminium and steel is separated and sent for recycling

  • All waste paper, card and plastic is reused or recycled

  • Biodegradable waste is composted

  • All scrap tyres are taken by bicycle and trailer to a local car tyre depot for proper recycling along with their vehicle tyres

  • Any electrical waste is taken by bicycle and trailer to the correct disposal site and disposed of according to WEEE regulations

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