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Comments and feedback from existing customers

Below are archived testimonials from customers. For more recent reviews, please see our Google and Facebook pages.

Laurayne Davis
Wednesday 2 December 2015


"Your technician kindly pointed out everything that was wrong with the bike. You could have quite easily carried out the repairs and stung me for quite a bit of money and I really would have been none the wiser. Thank you so much for your thoroughness and honesty."


Roger Levett
Wednesday 4 February 2015


"Just wanted to thank you for the excellent job you've done on my Birdy. The mudguard and rack are better than I'd dared hope. Thanks again. We'll be back..."


Paul Wheatcroft
Sunday 14 September 2014


"I must say that I am impressed with the amount of information about my bike that you gave me when I collected it yesterday. I've never had so much useful information written down before from a bike shop. Thanks. And the bike feels lovely."


Fred Salem
Saturday 16 November 2013


"I had a dutch handle bar conversion done at Jake's, talk about the ultimate professional, spot on with the appointment times and a top job carried out with the utmost efficiency, I would recommend Jake's without any hesitation whatsoever. 10/10"


Wesley O'Brien
Monday 8 July 2013


"I (along with two friends) recently attended two maintenance classes at Jake's Bikes. Jake is very friendly, patient and is an excellent teacher. He even gave us evening slots to fit around our work commitments. I commute by bike to and from work every day and now I feel confident enough to remove, replace and maintain the headset, bottom bracket, brakes and gears. During the maintenance classes, whenever Jake found something on my bike that wasn't working as it should, he would always try to fix it (and show me exactly how to ... READ MORE


Jon & Caroline Pavord
Friday 5 July 2013

Farrington Gurney

"Thanks so much for the two hour tuition you gave myself and my wife with regards some simple bike maitanence. It was great and we both feel confident to undertake some simple things but to also be aware of when things may need professional help. Have already recommended yourself to my friends who also ride."


Bernard Knight
Friday 14 June 2013


"You serviced my bike today. I was just so amazed riding it back home, it felt as if it had been turbocharged. It just feels so good ride it, as good as new. Sorry for gushing, but thanks ever so much for the transformation. I'll very definitely be using you people in future."


Nicky Johns
Saturday 26 January 2013


"Rode back from Jake's Bikes with a big smile on my face. Rack, mudguards and lock all installed. They even gave me the right fitting for my existing front light. Happy customer!"


Tom Beale
Friday 21 September 2012


"I can't imagine a friendlier, more helpful service, the work is brilliant and so is the price"


Adam Corner
Friday 15 June 2012


"Just wanted to say how pleased I've been with the customer service at Jake's bikes - I bought a bike a few months ago and my girlfriend bought one today. Both times Yael talked us through the options amazingly well and gave us so much useful information. I will recommend Jake's to anyone who wants to buy a second hand bike in Bristol - best customer service in the city!"


Nicky Johns
Thursday 24 May 2012


"Just rode home like the wind on my (feels like) new bike. My front light doesn't even wobble about any more! Thank you to Jake's Bikes, it was worth every penny."


John Hirst
Tuesday 13 March 2012


"Can I say that I felt that my experience with you yesterday was very good. Really appreciate your prompt, efficient, friendly service... thank you and well done"


Ian Sumpter
Tuesday 28 February 2012


"Very well priced. Jake took time out to help me fix my gears. Brilliant shop. Wholeheartedly recommended. :)"


Hannah Condry
Tuesday 8 November 2011


"I LOVE MY BIKE! It's great, thanks so much. It's very comfortable and perfect for what I needed it for which is cycling around Bristol.  It's also been good with a big trailer of stuff and for some longer bike rides. It's sturdy for carrying the shopping home... it's also good for cycling to work and around to home visits etc. in my normal clothes."


Will Harris
Friday 14 October 2011


"The tuition yesterday left me with the confidence that I'll be able to tackle all routine maintenance by myself.  I really enjoyed the ride home with crisper gears and better brakes - that I had help to do myself. Thanks again!"


Andrew & Veronique Grainger
Thursday 22 September 2011


"Just a quick word to say many thanks to Jake and Yael for turning the end of our trip into something more memorable!! The wheel is great... Thanks again, and good luck with your very interesting venture to get more of us cycling."


Joanna Price
Friday 9 September 2011


"This is brilliant, well done [on being nominated for a Bikebiz Award] Jake's Bikes! You are great, I so enjoyed coming to your tuition sessions and then your workshop on Thursday evenings for months while I did up my bike. You were so helpful and almost as interested as I was in my little project! Thanks so much and you deserve to win - good luck!"


Simon Sleight
Tuesday 26 July 2011


"Just how a bicycle shop should be - lots of great advice, a good range of products. They have just fitted a rack and some superb pannier bags to my commuting bike. The whole process was a pleasure - from help in picking the right equipment through to leaving the bike with them for collection later with all the products fitted. Brilliant, friendly and honest bike advice right in the centre of Bristol."


Kathryn Engel
Thursday 13 May 2010


"Just wanted to thank you for doing a really good job with my bike yesterday. I could really tell the difference when I cycled it home, it feels so much smoother and easier to ride and my new knowledge of the gear workings is a big help!!"


Dianne Hall
Saturday 13 February 2010


"Thanks for your help and advice on Thursday. Really useful as always. If only every £20 I spend was as good value!"


Ben Simmonds
Wednesday 20 May 2009


"I just wanted to say thanks for the tuition on Saturday - despite being hungover I learnt tons. The bike is running like a dream too!"


Alun Powell
Monday 23 February 2009

Brecon Beacons

"I bought this bike to use around the brecon beacons. Excellent machine. Fantastic value for money. Quality 531 frame and components for a fantastic price. Would certainly recommend buying from Jakes bikes"


Lucy Bradley
Friday 28 November 2008


"I REALLY enjoyed riding home on my new bike today - like Christmas had come early! Thanks again for my wonderful bike!"


Adam Charters
Monday 24 November 2008


"I've been meaning to thank you for sorting the bike. Mmmm, fresh gears, I forgot how good it felt. And working on it with you was good fun."


Jon Willmore
Tuesday 19 August 2008


"Jake is a genuine individual who wants to help you spend as little as possible on repairs of your bike [ed: no wonder I'm not making any money!!! - jake], helps you to undertake basic repair yourself, engages with you on a personal level and is most importantly the most switched on bike mechanic ever. I met Jake after knocking the quick release on my rear wheel causing a lot of damage when the wheel came off and the bike hit the deck. Thinking it would cost a bomb i contemplated buying a new bike until Jake quoted me a ... READ MORE


Robin Lovelace
Friday 30 May 2008


"Jake's Bikes is an amazing store, the best bicycle shop I have ever been in by a long way. I recommend anyone who wants a bike to see what Jake's Bikes has to offer. The staff are friendly, honest and open. I felt I could talk about what I wanted without a barrage of sales pitches. Discussion with Jake allowed me to narrow down how to acquire what I was after: A fast, reliable, second-hand tourer, within a budget of £500. Basically I wanted a bike for life; a long term investment that would keep on repaying me every time ... READ MORE


Sally Davies
Monday 21 April 2008


"I'm getting way less pain in the shoulders and neck, the handlebars you fitted are great... The seat is also bonzer and has almost completely put a stop to Dead Rear Syndrome. In all, I think you have done a *great* job and I wanted to say thank you. I know that if you hadn't modified the bike for me, I would never have been able to ride it again."


Andy Bakewell
Sunday 27 January 2008

Aberystwyth, Mid Wales

"When Jake and I started off discussing what I needed for my ideal bike, I wanted a high-quality but tatty usable bike, with all the best bits from Danish designs for everyday transport, and the gears and brakes from the mountain-bike world. Little did I expect that Jake would find me a second hand but unused frame with perfect geometry for me (long legs and chronic neck pain). Jake haggled the price down for me and began to build my perfect bike. After finding such a beautiful frame, it seemed churlish to have tatty mudguards and wheels, so Jake built ... READ MORE


Lucy Hellier
Monday 10 December 2007


"My bike was almost unrideable before Jake (and his magic cycle fingers) came along. Thanks for fixing it up for me, and at a very reasonable price. I would highly recommend you to anyone"


Louise Rutterford
Tuesday 20 November 2007


"My second-hand bike was sourced and adapted by Jake to suit my cycling style and needs in Bristol, and it's been great ever since I got it a year and a half ago. He adapted the gears so that even I can get up the hills of Bristol and added the vital basket and bell that I really wanted. Jake still provides all the routine maintenance on my bike and has been great."


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