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These are archived newsletters, so information, specifications and prices may be out of date or incorrect by now

Bike maintenance evening classes

In August Jake's Bikes launched a new series of bike maintenance evening classes. Participants each bring along their own bike, learn how to repair it, and leave with a serviced bike at the end. The weekly workshop sessions are designed to be very hands-on and each covers a different topic, so learning is progressive with plenty of time to practice at home.

Each class is 2 hours long and costs £20 per person, and with only three or four participants per session there is plenty of time for individual attention and teaching. The first class each month is aimed at complete beginners, with subsequent classes covering gears and brakes in greater depth.

Courses will now run indefinitely and the dates for August and September are currently on the website: see this page on the website for further details or to book your place.


New mechanic joins Jake in the workshop

Some of you will already have met Pete Harding, who joined Jake's Bikes the start of June. Pete currently works two days a week in the workshop and is halfway through Cytech, the industry standard cycle mechanic training and qualification programme.

Pete is also a cycle trainer for Life Cycle UK, working mainly in schools but also providing adults with one-to-one cycle lessons.

Pete brings with him a wealth of practical experience from previous jobs in various fields including construction and decorating, retail, the motor trade, and cycling, and has already made himself absolutely indispensable in the workshop.

Tipsheets now available to download

For some time printed tip sheets have been available for free in the workshop, providing advice on such things as basic cycle maintenance, secure bike locking, recommended cycle touring kit and so on. Now all these tipsheets are available as PDF documents to download and print from the Jake's Bikes website. Please click here to see the range of tipsheets available.

Tip of the month: how to lock a bike properly

Do not use a cable lock as your only anti-theft precaution. Even the thickest cable locks can be cut in a matter of seconds by a thief armed with fairly small bolt croppers. Always use a D-lock (also known as a U-lock or shackle lock) or a large, hardened chain and padlock as your main lock. Cable locks can be useful for securing components such as the front wheel or saddle which could otherwise be stolen, but should only be used in conjunction with a D-lock to secure the frame.

However, not all D-locks are equal: if you buy an £11.99 D-lock from a superstore or mail order catalogue you can expect to have your bike stolen. A cheap and nasty D-lock can be identified by its plasticky cover, thin shackle and... READ MORE >>>

Guest Feature: £5 adult cycle training session

Bristol-based cycling charity Life Cycle UK are currently offering adult cycle training sessions, normally £30, at a discounted rate of just £5 for a lesson. Whether you are cycling for the first time, returning to cycling after a long break, or just want to brush up on your knowledge and skills, the one-hour lessons will help to boost your confidence and enhance your safety out on the road. A set number of sessions are available at this price, subsidised by Bristol City Council as part of the Cycling City project, so book yours today by calling Life Cycle UK on 0117 353 4580 (only available to residents of Bristol due to funding restrictions).


These are archived newsletters, so information, specifications and prices may be out of date or incorrect by now

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