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Bike available for loan whilst yours is being repaired

Courtesty bikeWe have two courtesy bikes available for customers to borrow for for the day whilst their bike is being serviced - useful if you rely on cycling as everyday transport. They are hybrid bikes and have mudguards and a luggage rack so you can still use your own panniers. Please let us know beforehand if you would like to make use of a courtesy bike whilst yours is in the workshop for repairs and we'll do our best to make sure that one is available. We also request you leave a copy of some form of photo ID as a security deposit whilst you have the bike, e.g. a driving licence or passport.


Terms and Conditions

  • We cannot guarantee that a courtesy bike will be available at all times, but we do have a booking system, so please use it when you book your bike into the workshop to avoid disappointment.

  • We do not charge for the first day of courtesy bike loan, but any day after that will be charged at our normal bike hire rate.

  • We reserve the right to charge a £10 cleaning fee if the courtesy bike is returned very dirty - although we've never actually levied this fee yet.

  • You assume full responsibility for the courtesy bike whilst it is on loan to you - exactly as if it were your own bike. We reserve the right to charge if it is damaged or stolen whilst in your care. If you get a puncture or mechanical problem whilst using the bike, unfortunately we do not have a car or delivery van and so cannot collect it. You are responsible for arranging your own transport - exactly as if it were your own bike.

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