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These are archived newsletters, so information, specifications and prices may be out of date or incorrect by now

Diamondback expedition bikeJoel's "round-the-world bike" build

This month we've built a bespoke expedition bike for Joel Black who will be setting off together with partner Betty on a round-the-world trip next week. They are fundraising for the National Association of Blood Bikes in the UK, and for the Siddhartha Foundation's project to build a school in Nepal for children exiled from Tibet, where Betty will also be volunteering when they arrive there.

The bike is based around a nice old Cro-mo steel frame, with all components specified for strength and reliability, from the sensible old-school 8-speed drivetrain and square-taper bottom bracket, to our special handbuilt wheels and top-quality pannier racks.


Click here to see more photos of the bike, or click here to read about Joel and Betty's progress on their blog



Vintage Velo  

Jake on the Vintage VeloVintage Velo, Bristol's own version of London's Tweed Run was held last month in glorious sunshine. Attended by over 150 people in vintage costume and on some lovely old bikes, the event was held to raise money for the upcoming Bristol Cycle Festival in September.


Thanks to Tom Beale for the loan of his rather splendid 1955 Raleigh Sports, and to Martin McDonnell of the Bristol Cycling Campaign for the photograph


See the Vintage Velo blog for more photos of the day.





New shop section on websiteNew Shop Section on Website

Almost all our accessories are now listed on our website together with photos and lots of advice and information - and because we're not into slick sales pitches, the little online product reviews are of the honest, warts-and-all kind. We have personally tested almost all products before choosing to stock them, and several manufacturers have even changed their specifications or materials in response to our feedback.We would love to hear how you get on with the products - and we're happy to relate your experiences back to the manufacturer if necessary. We are deliberately not exclusive stockists of any particular brand; we prefer to pick and choose the best from each manufacturer to offer a good balance of price and quality. Head on over to to see more, or pop in to see the products for yourself.





Bespoke Tuition

In place of our evening classes, we now offer bespoke tuition for individuals or small groups. This means we can be completely flexible, tailoring the session to suit your level of expertise, your bike, and your timetable. Daytime or evening sessions are possible, and being charged at our standard hourly rate, it often doesn't even work out any more expensive than getting your bike serviced - but with the advantage that next time you'll know how to do it yourself! And if you like you're welcome to bring along a friend or two and share the cost between you, making it even cheaper. See the website for more details, or give us a call on 0117 329 7363 to arrange a tuition appointment.



Handbuilt wheels

Handbuilt wheels now come with lifetime warranty

We have always been happy to build wheels for customers who needed something special. Now we've standardised our approach: we now keep DRC's excellent rims in stock in both road and mountain bike sizes, and we have most common spoke lengths available including super-strong single-butted drive-side ones for ultimate strength and reliability. We can therefore offer a lifetime warranty on all our handbuilt wheels: if any spokes break before the rim or hub are worn out, we will replace them free of charge. In practice this should mean years of reliable, trouble-free service - well worth the investment for either a touring bike or a serious commuter. See the website for more details and the full warranty terms & conditions.



Product of the Month: Mini Track-Pumps

Mini track-pumpWe now have in stock a pump which offers the best of both worlds: small enough to be highly portable, but powerful enough to get even skinny road bike tyres up to full pressure without flexing or damaging the inner tube's valve.


Other mini-pumps are ideal for carrying around when commuting or cycle touring, but are rarely powerful enough to get more than about 60 or 70 PSI of pressure. Even if they do manage to achieve full pressure, it's really hard work, and because these normal mini-pumps attach directly to the valve on the inner tube they can easily cause damage. For this reason we have often recommended that people also buy a foot pump or track pump to keep at home, but of course these are too large to take with you on the bike.


Topeak first introduced a portable track pump, but these were expensive and still fairly large. The RSP mini track-pump we now stock is smaller, lighter and cheaper, but is still good plenty enough quality that it should prove reliable for years to come. In stock at Jake's Bikes, priced at £20.


Bicycle Shaped ObjectTip of the month: don't buy a cheap bike!

A few customers have recently brought us very cheap, low-quality bikes which are almost impossible to service or repair. Some of these bikes are so bad, frankly their sale ought to be illegal on safety grounds. Others may be... READ MORE >>>

These are archived newsletters, so information, specifications and prices may be out of date or incorrect by now

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