Handbuilt Wheels

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Handbuilt Wheels

From around £180 per pair

The great advantage of a hand-built wheel is that, unlike a machine, a skilled mechanic can use experience and judgement to get the spoke tensions just right, and cold-set the spokes and stress-relieve the wheel prior to use. If reliability and durability are crucial (for example for a touring or serious commuting bike) hand-built wheels are a must.


Most of the time we build 36-spoke wheels for high strength, although we have also built 32-spoke for racing use, and 40- or 48-spoke ones for tandems or super-heavy-duty expedition bikes. We normally use double-swaged ('double-butted') spokes on the front wheel and on the non-drive side of the rear, but single-swaged on the drive side. It means we have to keep a few more spokes in stock, but it does result in the strongest possible wheel. We also stock brass washers for supporting the spoke elbow in thin-flanged hubs.




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