Standard Wheels

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Standard Wheels

Between £20 and £55 each

We keep a large range of factory-built wheels in stock including mountain bike, hybrid and road sizes as well as some older imperial standards. The wheels fall into two categories:


Single-walled rims: cheaper and sometimes a little lighter, these are ultimately weaker than double-walled rims so can bend if you hit a kerb or pot hole hard enough, particularly if carrying lots of weight. Best suited to lighter riders and casual use.


Double-walled rims: greater strength and durability, and often not even significantly heavier than single-walled rims. Good if you want longer-term dependability for daily urban riding including an encounter with the occasional pot-hole or kerb.


These wheels are built by Raleigh in Nottingham using rims from French manufacturer Mach 1, mostly with Taiwanese hubs. At Jake's Bikes we then individually check and hand-finish every wheel we sell, so you get many of the advantages of a hand-built wheel (basically this means fewer broken spokes in the long run) at a very good price.


Please ask us if you need help in deciding which size and type of wheel is compatible with your bike, or is best for your needs.


If you need even greater strength and durability, please see our handbuilt wheels.

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