Michael Gregory

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Derby (UK)

I agree entirely with your comments. I commute year-round and tire of spending time in a cold garage scraping old oil and crap off my chain and sprockets, in the knowledge that the new oil I put on will be in the same state a week later.

Degreaser, chain oil, swarfega, oily rags, fast-wearing components and grubby fingernails are all things I can well do without.

Batavus make a very good range of bikes with fully enclosed chains and hub gears, but the nearest outlet is in Sussex, and used ones are rarer than hen's teeth!

I've searched high and low for lockable panniers, so I don't have to carry my pump, toolkit etc eveywhere with me, but there's nothing.

I'm sure if one manufacturer came up with a bike meeting all these requirements and did a marketing campaign, they'd sell like hot cakes.

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