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These are archived newsletters, so information, specifications and prices may be out of date or incorrect by now

Job vacancy, new mural and anti-puncture warranty on tyres

Special Offer


Sigma LED head torch

Now only £15

(normally £24.99)


Super-bright, and the big advantage is that you can point it wherever you want just by turning your head. A head torch makes you more visible as a cyclist, particularly at junctions, and being hands-free it will also be useful off the bike for fixing a puncture at night or finding stuff in the dark. This one has four very bright LEDs, and comes complete with batteries.


See the manufacturer's website for more details, or pop in to Jake's Bikes to have a look at one for yourself.



Saturday Job Vacancy

We are looking for a Saturday assistant to join us at Jake's Bikes. The job would suit someone who works or studies during the week, but wants to learn some new skills and earn a bit of extra income on the weekends. Applicants must have strong practical or mechanical skills and previous experience of working in a public-facing job - and it goes without saying you've got to be keen on bikes as well.


EDIT: the post is now filled


New Mural

Artist Jethro Brice has painted a beautiful mural for us on the wall just outside the shop. This previously dark and grubby wall is now brighter and much more eye-catching. And despite being completed almost two months ago now it hasn't been vandalised (yet...)



The next stage is for Jethro to paint a sign above the door. There is also talk of some of the artists responsible for the recent redecoration of Nelson Street painting the steel roller shutters at Jake's Bikes and our neighbouring shops, so then they'll look nice even when we're closed...


12-month no puncture warranty on tyres

We now have a larger stock of tyres, and a nice new display cabinet to show them all off! (when I say new I mean it's actually built out of scrap wood, but it looks nice). We still have £9 basic tyres for those on a budget, but we now have a bigger range of puncture-resistant commuting and touring tyres ranging from £15 to just over £30 each.


Our latest addition is the Continental Safety range which, starting at £22 each, come with a free inner tube and a 12-month anti-puncture guarantee. April 2012 update: Continental have now withdrawn this guarantee so we are no longer able to offer it, sorry.



6-month warranty on used bikes

We've recently introduced a 6-month warranty on our reconditioned bikes. Having always provided a 3-month warranty but hardly ever had any returned with problems, we felt we could afford to provide customers with the extra peace of mind of a longer guarantee. See the website for full terms and conditions.


To document the reconditioning process that all our used bikes go through before being offered for sale, we've just put a new gallery online. Click here to see in pictures the magic that Pete works on each bike before it's sold and why we are confident in offering the 6-month warranty.


Product of the Month: Locally grown baskets!

Willow basketsWe have recently taken delivery of a batch of wicker bike baskets, handmade in Somerset from locally grown willow. 


Available in two sizes, these baskets are designed to be permanently attached to the bike with leather straps and a steel support bracket. Made in the traditional manner by a family-owned firm who also grow and harvest the willow themselves, these beautiful traditional baskets will add character to any vintage or vintage-style bike.


See the website for more details or pop in and have a look for yourself.


MAINTENANCE TIPS: Squealing Brakes

Brakes which squeal aren't normally a problem in terms of reliability or safety, but they can be incredibly annoying and a real embarrassment to use in public. Here's what we do to... READ MORE >>>


Guest Feature: Two's Company tandem project

Two's Company is a project that gives visually impaired and disabled people in Bristol opportunities to come cycling on the back of a tandem. This year they've also started running some rides for people with early dementia. They are now looking for volunteer front riders for next season, starting in March 2012.
"We organise about 22 rides every year between March and October, most on local routes around the Bristol area, but we go further afield too" says Sally Oakes, Two's Company Project Manager.
"A typical ride has up to eight tandems, each with a sighted person at the front and a visually impaired/disabled co-rider behind. The rides are enjoyable days out, and also opportunities for people to socialise and make new friends. And they're free of charge."
If you're a strong and experienced cyclist interested in volunteering as a front rider they'd love to hear from you. See the Life Cycle UK website for more details


These are archived newsletters, so information, specifications and prices may be out of date or incorrect by now

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