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Jake's Bikes is featured in a round-up of local bike maintenance courses

"Does your chain squeak? Are your brakes a bit iffy? Compared with a full service on a car, getting your bike ship-shape is cheap as chips - you can expect a decent all-over job from around £50. But it's still a good idea to get to grips with some basic mechanics yourself. You save money and time - and it's so satisfying when you get it right.

There are dozens of bike maintenance books on the market, from the trusty Bike Book from Haynes to the more technical Zinn series. Many swear by the no-nonsense Richard's Bicycle Book - others prefer the edgier esoterica of the Chainbreaker Bike Book. It's best to have several and dip into each until you find what you need.


YouTube and websites like can help. But to really understand your bike, it's best to get a bit of training. Happily, Bristol has a wealth of bike maintenance courses on offer.

Where? Tucked away through an underpass between St James' roundabout and Bristol Bus Station, it's an unflashy, expertly staffed bike shop run on a not-for-profit basis, so you're never paying over the odds.


What? Bespoke tuition, usually on a one-to-one basis. You just pay an hourly rate and they're happy to teach you whatever you need, from simple puncture repair to the fine art of wheel-building. "The tuition can be as basic or as complex as you like, because it's tailored to your specific needs," says mechanic Yael Ben-Gigi.

When? By arrangement. Phone for a time that suits you.

How much? £30 per hour one-to-one - though if three people book, it's still £30 (so £10 each). Maximum of three per class. Jakes also offer excellent maintenance guides to download free from their website."


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