Routine Maintenance

Routine Maintenance

General servicing, routine maintenance, how to look after your bike

A lot of customers tell us they feel vaguely guilty about not looking after their bike, but don't quite know where to start. We can help! You don't have to wait until something breaks before booking a tuition session: much better (and probably cheaper) to learn about preventative maintenance: what to clean, how to do it, when to lubricate, and why it's important. Even if you prefer to leave the big servicing and repair jobs to us, almost everyone who cycles needs to know the basics about oiling the chain, pumping up the tyres and checking the brakes are safe. This is exactly what we can cover in half an hour of tuition.


We can be really flexible depending on your budget, level of ability, and condition of your bike. If you just want to learn the basics and your bike doesn't need any major work, 15 or 20 minutes might suffice. Normally a full "routine maintenance" session will take between ½ hour and 1 hour. But if you're really enjoying it and want to ask lots more questions, or if your bike turns out to need a couple of repairs, we can always extend the session if you like.


Bring your bike... and that's about all. No prior knowledge required. No special tools or components.

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