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We'll notify you if a suitable bike comes in stock

If we don't have any suitable used bikes in stock at the moment, just tell us what you're looking for and we'll email you if a suitable bike becomes available. The service is free, there is no obligation to buy any of the bikes whose details you receive, and you can remove yourself from the mailing list at any time.


Nowadays we very rarely have used bikes available for sale. You are welcome to sign up, but we usually only sell off our hire bikes once per year and no longer have any other used bikes for sale.



First Name:

Last Name:


Bike type(s) you are interested in

Tick all that apply (click each type for a full description)

hybrid bike
touring bike
trekking bike
mountain bike
urban mountain bike
drop-bar road bike / racer
flat-bar road bike / fast hybrid
classic town bike / shopping bike
dutch-style bike
singlespeed / fixed gear
folding bike

Frame type(s) you would consider

Tick all that apply (click each type for a full description)

conventional ('gents') frame
step-through open ('ladies') frame
female-specific geometry frame
unisex frame

Frame size(s) suitable for you

Tick all that apply

15" (38cm) - someone below 5' (152cm) tall
16" (41cm) - someone approx. 4'10" to 5'2" (147 to 157cm) tall
17" (43cm) - someone approx. 5' to 5'4" (152 to 162cm) tall
18" (46cm) - someone approx. 5'2" to 5'6" (157 to 167cm) tall
19" (48cm) - someone approx. 5'4" to 5'8" (162 to 172cm) tall
20" (51cm) - someone approx. 5'6" to 5'10" (167 to 177cm) tall
21" (53cm) - someone approx. 5'8" to 6' (172 to 183cm) tall
22" (56cm) - someone approx. 5'10" to 6'2" (177 to 188cm) tall
23" (58cm) - someone approx. 6' to 6'4" (183 to 193cm) tall
24" (61cm) - someone approx. 6'2" to 6'6" (188 to 198cm) tall
25" (63cm) - someone approx. 6'4" (193cm) and above
universal (one size fits all) - someone of almost any height
child's bike - someone little

Your budget

Please enter the highest price you are willing to pay (details of bikes above this price will not be emailed to you).

Max price: £

Advanced options

If you're looking for specific features, click here to show further options which will allow you to narrow your search.

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