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Britain's ultimate ladies town bike

- SOLD -



The first in a series of very exclusive limited edition bicycles hand crafted right here in Bristol, this unique design combines the best of the old and the new to provide a vintage Dutch-style town bike, but one as light and easy to ride as any modern hybrid bike. It is based around a beautiful reconditioned Reynolds 531 steel frame, hand-built in Britain in the 1960's, but the latest Shimano hub gears and hub brakes are fitted to make light work of Bristol's hills.


This bike is now sold, but if you would like us to build you something similar please get in touch.



  • Comfortable Dutch-style riding position with a range of handlebars available, tailored to suit your needs

  • Very lightweight compared to any traditional ladies town bike

  • Wide range of gears provided by Shimano Nexus 8-speed hub

  • Virtually no dirt or oil thanks to the mudguards, chainguard and fully enclosed brakes and gears

  • Comes complete with your choice of basket - metal or wicker, fixed or removable

  • Understated style with no frame graphics to minimize risk of theft


Reliable and low-maintenance

  • Hub brakes and hub gears are low-maintenance and virtually unaffected by rain or dirt

  • Steel frames last for decades - this one is already 30 or 40 years old and still going strong!

  • Puncture-resistant tyres


Elegant, classic design

  • Completely unique, hand-built design

  • Simple, elegant, slim steel frame gives the bike an authentic vintage look

  • Mudguards and step-through frame will allow you to cycle in a skirt

  • Comes with a kickstand and even a good old-fashioned chrome bell!

Size: 21" (54cm) - medium to large



- SOLD -

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