High Handlebars

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High Handlebars

Bicycles modified for people who prefer a more upright riding position

Many people find that the handlebars on their bike are too low or too far forward, leading to back or neck pain, and often causing them to lean further forward on the saddle than is comfortable. Often this is caused by the handlebars being too low for comfort, and few modern bicycles are available in the UK with old fashioned Dutch-style high handlebars.


A high handlebar conversion can be carried out quickly and easily, normally for between £30 and £80 (incl. parts and labour) depending on what style of handlebar your choose and whether any/all of your existing brake and gear cables need replacing with longer ones. Please drop in to view the range of handlebars available or contact us to make an appointment for a free estimate to fit higher handlebars to your bike.


"I'm getting way less pain in the shoulders and neck, the handlebars you fitted are great... I think you have done a *great* job and I wanted to say thank you. I know that if you hadn't modified the bike for me, I would never have been able to ride it again."

Sally Davies, Somerset - 21st April 2008

However, very high handlebars can affect the steering of the bike or impair your ability to ride uphill effectively - please see the following document for more information:


High Handlebars Advice and Precautions High Handlebars Advice and Precautions (PDF - 32 KB)


We do not offer a mail order service, so if you're not able to bring your bike to Bristol we probably can't help, sorry.

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