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Free tip sheets to download or print


What to spend What type of bike is best? (PDF document - 325 KB) - What to look for and how much to spend when buying a new or used bike


What to spend Five Sneaky Questions (PDF document - 400 KB) - Some technical questions to ask when you are buying a bike


Basic maintenance Basic maintenance (PDF document - 46 KB) - A basic guide to the routine maintenance of your bike: what to do and when; how to oil the chain; and some tips on fixing a puncture


Basic maintenance Long-term maintenance (PDF document - 685 KB) - A more in-depth guide to long-term bike care: bearings; chain wear; wheel rim wear and more


Locking advice Lifetime cost of bike ownership (PDF document - 355 KB) - A comparison of the purchase cost and running costs of different types of bike - explains why budget bikes aren't as cheap as they seem!


Locking advice Locking advice (PDF document - 45 KB) - How to choose a good lock, and how to lock up your bike securely


Cycle Touring Kit Cycle Touring Kit (PDF document - 43 KB) - Recommended tools and equipment for longer cycling trips


Recommended Books and Guides Recommended Books and Guides (PDF document - 67 KB) - Further reading


Bike Check Bike Check (PDF document - 25 KB) - A basic safety-check and assessment of the whole bike to determine what condition it's in and whether any maintenance work is required.


Below are a few other miscellaneous hints and tips:

Ten top tips for longevity
Saturday 14th February 2015

On a bike that's used every day for commuting a certain amount of wear and tear is inevitable, but there's a lot you can do to slow down the process ... READ MORE


How often should I service my bike?
Wednesday 27th November 2013

This is a question we hear fairly frequently. The answer, as usual, is "it depends". It depends on the mileage and how heavily the bike is used, the ... READ MORE


Don't buy a cheap bike!
Sunday 30th June 2013

A few customers have recently brought us very cheap, low-quality bikes which are almost impossible to service or repair. Some of these bikes are so bad, frankly their ... READ MORE


Brakes which start grinding or scraping
Sunday 30th June 2013

If your brakes start making a grinding, scraping or hissing noise, check the brake blocks immediately. They will either be worn right down to the metal, or there ... READ MORE


Are your brakes damaging your tyres?
Sunday 30th June 2013

All brake blocks wear out with use and must be replaced periodically. However, brake blocks sometimes need adjustment even if they are not worn out:

Brake blocks ... READ MORE


Squealing brakes
Sunday 30th June 2013

Brakes which squeal aren't normally a problem in terms of reliability or safety, but they can be incredibly annoying and a real embarrassment to use in public. Here's ... READ MORE


Preventative maintenance: fix it before it breaks!
Sunday 30th June 2013

A lot of maintenance problems, which do not make a bike unsafe to ride, are nevertheless easier and cheaper to fix early than to leave until they're really, ... READ MORE


Keep your tyres pumped up
Sunday 30th June 2013

We've seen a number of customers recently who've neglected to pump up their tyres regularly, leading to all sorts of problems including frequent punctures, cracked tyre sidewalls - ... READ MORE


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