5 tips for Autumn & Winter cycling

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5 tips for Autumn & Winter cycling

Five top tips for maintaining your bike in Autumn and Winter

With beautiful, misty mornings and golden evenings, Autumn can be a great time to ride your bike. If you commute, it is also the perfect way to beat the traffic jams caused by more people taking to their cars in the colder, wetter months. Even if you don't enjoy cycling in the rain, here are our seasonal tips to make sure your bike is safe... you could also save money from bike maintenance too!

  1. Check your brakes

    Give your brakes a quick squeeze before you set off every day to make sure they feel OK. It is also worth keeping an eye on your brake pads to check they are not worn down, or have picked up grit. Remember to brake gradually in wet weather and allow plenty of space as your stopping distance increases.

  2. Clean and oil your chain

    Your chain can easily get too dry or dirty in wetter months and needs to be clean and well lubricated to work properly. Grit and mud from the road can stick to your chain, and rain can wash the oil off. Every week or two, give the chain a wipe down to clean it, then apply an oil - wet oil works better in wet weather. Wipe off the excess oil to stop it attracting dirt.

  3. Fit mudguards

    As well as protecting you from dirty road water splashing up your back, mudguards will prevent your chain, gears and brakes from getting dirty too. Less grit, mud and water means less wear and corrosion, which your bike will appreciate in the long term. 

  4. Keep your bike inside

    Rust and corrosion from exposure to moisture is a common problem for all bikes, especially as chains and bearing are made of steel. Sharing the dining room with your bicycle may not be to everyone's taste, but storing your bike indoors is ideal. If you have to keep your bike outside, and can't store in a shed or a bike shelter, at the very least buy a good quality bike cover to protect it from rain.

  5. If in doubt, visit your local bike shop

    Hear a strange sound when you ride, or something not feeling quite right? It is always worth checking, and usually much cheaper to fix, before a bigger problem occurs. If you ride regularly also we recommend your bike gets a full, professional service at least once a year. Give us a ring at Jake's Bikes, or you can book your bike in online.

Happy cycling!





Photo credit: Enric Fredera 


posted on Monday 23 October 2017 by Jake Voelcker

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